Image of Mackinaw Shad

Mackinaw Shad


The feedback was in on this fish catching monster! The newest version has two bait keepers to secure the plastic bodies and keep them from getting pulled off by feisty bait stealers like black sea bass and pinfish.

Uniquely designed to fish small profiles deep and effectively. These heavy heads and small profiles were specifically cut to fish depths greater than 30 foot and also in areas of current or chop. Don't compromise your presentation when fish are keyed in on smaller profiles. Perfect for deep water jigging for lake trout, brown trout, weakfish/gray trout, redfish, smaller striped bass, flounder, and tasty reef species.

One jighead per pack with 5 shad bodies. 1.3 oz and 1 oz versions available. 1.3 oz total 4" profile, and 1 oz total 3.5" profile. Made with high quality Mustad hooks. (Mustad 32786)

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